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No. JamDoughnut is an independent service that rewards your loyalty for buying through our App. We help you make money with your purchases from over 80 top brands and rising. You get rewarded by accumulating points when you buy from these brands using gift cards bought through JamDoughnut. You then change the points into cash.

In the JamDoughnut App you simply choose the organisation you want to buy from, select the gift card amount and then pay using Google Pay/Apple Pay or Banked (Open Banking faster payments). JamDoughnut then adds the gift card to your wallet. You then use this at the checkout to make the payment up to the value of the Gift card. It takes seconds and you can either do this in advance or at the till when you want to pay – both in store and online. *

*Requires a working data connection via wifi or your mobile provider

Every time you buy a gift card via JamDoughnut we put points into your Jar. Each point is worth 1 penny, so if you are rewarded with 100 points you receive £1 in points. Once your Jar reaches £10.00 cash out receiving your money back into your nominated bank account. The more you spend through JamDoughnut the more money you make back.

If you have not used all the money on your gift card, the balance remains in your Jam Doughnut wallet ready for the next time you shop. You can keep using the Gift Card until the money is spent. Check with each card as some have time limits from 3-months in which you need to use the card.

If you use a brand infrequently or are making a one-off purchase, we recommend that you choose the nearest value gift card to your purchase total. For some brands, this can be the exact amount of your basket value.

When you have used a gift card, simply go to your Wallet and swipe right to archive.

No. JamDoughnut is an independent loyalty scheme. You buy a Gift Card through JamDoughnut to use at the till instead of cash or a bank card. You can use any card you have linked to Google or Apple Pay. Alternatively, you can use Banked to pay through Open Banking faster payments.

Yes. If you spend via JamDoughnut and your payment method of Apple Pay or Google Pay is linked to a reward bank card, you will get your usual rewards through this card on top of the loyalty rewards from JamDoughnut.

Yes. Jam Doughnut is simply another way to pay for the goods or services from a Brand When you spend at the till you can use your loyalty card in the same way as you did before.

Now you get a reward from your favourite Brand loyalty schemes on top of the loyaty rewards from Jam Doughnut.

Once you have reached £10.00 in your Jar, simply go to the Wallet in the Jam Doughnut App and press Cash Out. You can then transfer the money to an account of your choice.

No, as JamDoughnut is a loyalty scheme and not a bank card or other financial product we are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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